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Keynote: Nigel Collin - Game of Inches


Presented by Northern Territory Government


Duration:2 hours


About this event

What if business growth and innovation don't have to happen with a big breakout idea but can unfold by making small, consistent changes?

Nigel Collin, author of ‘Game of Inches’ created his first business at the age of twenty and later went on to build one of Australia’s largest entertainment design companies. In 2013, armed with a video camera, he set off to travel Australia solo on his motorbike, to discover and share the stories of ingenious Australians.

This keynote focuses on an achievable process for everyday innovation based on research from over 80 top entrepreneurs, business leaders and owners. ‘The Game of Inches’ is a blueprint for using small consistent improvements to create big and lasting results for your business.

Darwin City Waterfront Retailers Association

The Darwin workshop is proudly sponsored by Darwin City Waterfront Retailers Association

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