Get involved

October Business Month (OBM) provides opportunities for growth, development and networking. You can be a part of OBM 2018 by hosting an event, attending events and supporting small territory businesses.

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Our top tips on spending October 2018 on your businesses development:

  • Start early - the OBM calendar will be released on 12 September. Get your copy direct to your inbox by signing up to our mailing list so you can plan yours and your team’s strategies to acquire new skills and knowledge. Use the templates to identify opportunities for key personnel’s growth and skill acquisition and then align them to the suite of events.
  • Inspire - the leadership team should ‘champion’ business and professional development which includes encouraging participation, allowing time out of the office for OBM events, and leading by example (send every staff member the link to sign up to the enewsletter).
  • The why - develop clarity on why you are developing your business and share it with all your staff. The more buy-in you have from the team, the more they will take ownership of your shared goals, and help you achieve them.
  • Commit - October is a busy month, and we do see quite a bit of ‘attendee fatigue’ by the end. Accept the chaos, make the most of it, and relax in November!