Why come to OBM

Audience at an OBM event

OBM for your business and professional development.

Although OBM comes around every year, it’s often easy to overlook your professional and business development and hard to find the time.

Without an actionable plan, your business and professional goals are just dreams. Which is why we have created a professional development plan for you to use alongside our suite of events. Download your copy to make the most of these opportunities and make this year, that year.

Business development template

We know how hard it is to find time to work on your business, not just in it. Many companies ignore business development altogether, and others are doing it wrong; simply throwing money or time at activities without enough thought and planning.

Using our business development template will help you identify key areas of your and your staff’s growth and potential. The best thing about taking a moment to think about your business’s development is that it gives you a chance to stop, think about your goals, and create actions to achieve them.

Managers must also consider their own personal goals as well as promoting the development and improvement of their team's skills. This template allows business owners and managers to identify opportunities for key personnel’s growth and skill acquisition.

OBM has a suite of events dedicated to leadership, motivation and inspiration, but don’t overlook the events aimed at developing communication, teamwork and conflict resolution. It can also be helpful for the entire team to attend events together to ensure joint ownership of new ideas, techniques and processes.

Get the business development template.

Business development template (pdf 337KB)
Business development template (docx 290KB)

Professional development template

Employees should set personal professional goals that contribute to career growth and future opportunities. Planning is an important part of goal setting as well as understanding desired outcomes.

Though your professional development will never be complete, OBM is the perfect way to kick start your professional development.

Our top tips on making the most of OBM:

  • Start early - the OBM calendar will be released early September. To get a copy of the calendar direct to your inbox, subscribe to the e-newsletter and you can plan your and your team’s strategies to acquire new skills and knowledge. Use the template to identify opportunities for key personnel’s growth and skill acquisition and then align them to the suite of events.
  • Inspire - the leadership team should ‘champion’ business and professional development which includes encouraging participation, allowing time out of the office for OBM events, and leading by example (encourage every staff member to subscribe to the e-newsletter too).
  • The why - develop clarity on why you are developing your business and share it with all your staff. The more buy-in you have from the team, the more they will take ownership of your shared goals, and help you achieve them.
  • Commit - October is a busy month, and we do see quite a bit of ‘attendee fatigue’ by the end. Accept the chaos, make the most of it, and relax in November!

Get the professional development template.

    Professional development template (pdf 331KB)
    Professional development template (docx 288KB)