For 26 years, October Business Month has been providing professional development opportunities for Northern Territory (NT) businesses with seminars, dinners and workshops covering relevant business issues. Here’s what the business community had to say over the last couple of years.


"Overall, very well run and coordinated! I always look forward to viewing the calendar of events every year!”

“As a new establishing business owner, there was not one workshop I walked away from and thought that was a waste of time. Excellent opportunity - thank you.”

"Getting better every year. Thank you."

"I think this is a really great event, especially for small business owners."

"Looking forward to next year!"

"OBM is awesome!"

"Thank you for another great OBM month! I am leaving Darwin at the end of the year and I am certain I will not find a better OBM anywhere - everything is so accessible in Darwin!"

"Thank you, great initiative. Appreciate the work behind the scenes."

"We look forward to this event next year"

"Well done! This event has grown over the years and is a valuable event."

October Business Month 2019 Flipbook


“This was time and effort really well spent. Every session had something practical to implement or to think about. The networking was fantastic. The quality of speakers and presentations was something I could not have accessed anywhere else.”

“A lot of time and effort and enormous goodwill obviously went into planning and paying for this. Thank you! it was worth it.”

“I love the quality of the speakers offered.”

“I really enjoy connecting with the local business heroes!”

“I really appreciated both Lisa Wilkinson and Karen Sheldon. They were both very inspirational women and it was a pleasure to hear their stories. Thank you.”

“It was a wonderful week in Nhulunbuy. I am also happy to support the businesses here and proud of what business owners have achieved here.”

“Always look forward to October for what and how OBM will refresh, challenge and inform us on a variety of subjects each year. Reflecting on many past inspirational and informative speakers over the years, what a lineup it has been. Looking forward to OBM 2019.”

“Good events to help you get to the top of your game and help you stay there, good job.”

“I think OBM provides a great opportunity to attend many interesting events”

“It's a really great event and it's been a good chance to meet lots of new people. There is a really broad number of topics.”

“OBM - a fabulous event. Just gets better every year. Thank you.”

Kym and Shaun Cairns presenting at Katherine Business Dinner
Kym and Shaun Cairns presenting at Katherine Business Dinner

Territory business success stories testimonials

Karen Hawkes, Captovate, 2018

Karen Hawkes sitting in an armchairThanks for the rock star moment October Business Month. Over the last two nights, I presented Captovate’s ‘Territory success story’ at the OBM closing keynote, fronting social influencer Jane Lu. I took myself on a journey of unpicking our business challenges, but also to learn about the skill of public speaking. What I didn’t expect was the amazing support I have received from our community. So, with the power of social media, I would like to thank a few people. Jeannette Button for your guidance and mentoring. Jade Erlandsen and Caitlin Temple, for all your hard work and making it so special. A huge thank you goes to Annette Gillanders, who had such an impact on making this such a rewarding experience. To the staff at Captovate for their unwavering support. To my husband Michael Hawkes. To have him meet me off the stage with a huge bunch a roses just encapsulated everything that he means to me. To present in front of my proud parents, and to have my daughters tell me I was an inspiration is a memory I will cherish forever. But also to the wonderful people who have shown me what a wonderful and supportive community that we live in, and made the experience so rewarding. Barbara Clifford, Kym Cairns, Deirdre Waterson, Mary Linnell.

LinkedIn comment received from Karen Hawkes, OBM 2018 Territory business success story Darwin and Alice Springs

Kym Cairns, Cairns Industries, 2018

Shaun and Kym Cairns in front of Cairns Industries buildingWhat an amazing night! Shaun Cairns and I were given the opportunity to share our story with a room full of people in Katherine on Saturday night. We are so grateful to the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation for this opportunity. Thank you Jade and Caitlin for this and all your support leading up to the event. To my amazing friends, Mary Linnell, Michelle Anne Murphy and Rob, Cola Maurirere and Eddie, and Christa Schilling and Chris for making the trip to be our cheer squad. We were blessed to meet some great people, and start discussions about future ventures. I was so proud of Shaun, who really stepped out of his comfort zone for this, and smashed it out of the park!

Facebook comment received from Kym Cairns, OBM 2018 Territory business success story Katherine Business Dinner

Luke Myall, HiqA Geotechnical, 2017

Luke MyallI think October Business Month is a great initiative by the NT Government and the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation. It offers something for all business people in the community no matter what level of business acumen attendees have. Being part of the Territory business success story project was a proud moment for myself and my family. It is important to hear real stories from real Territorian’s about their journey through the business world and how they were able to succeed. I hope the business community connected with the story tellers and walked away with some useful insight or business a tip. If only one person from the NT business community walked away from each presentation having a light bulb moment on an area to improve their business, then I think it was all worth it.

Having the opportunity to tell my story was also great for my own professional development. Sometimes as leaders and business owners we don’t take the time to pause and reflect on what we have actually achieved. If our journey inspires others then that can only be a good thing for the business community and the Northern Territory.

Email received from Luke Myall, OBM 2017 Territory business success story Darwin and Katherine.

Justin GIllJustin Gill, Abode New Homes, 2017

Thank you to the NT Government and especially the staff from October Business Month for putting on such a great number of events. This is a very important way for Territory businesses to keep learning, upskilling and improving their knowledge especially with the opportunity in the future that the NT has to offer. The support for business that the NT Government gives is outstanding and I congratulate them for it. Any business should be looking at the Upskills program to assist them in growth and sustainability. Thank you once again for allowing us to tell our story and be involved with the October Business Month.

Facebook comment received from Justin Gill, OBM 2017 Territory business success story Darwin and Nhulunbuy.