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September 5, 2019

Why come to OBM?

Attendees mingling prior to OBM event

In October, you have a chance to invest in your business, invest in your people, and invest in yourself. Be inspired by the high calibre line up of keynote speakers and highlight events, and network with 9,000 entrepreneurs and business professionals across the Territory.


Meet, exchange ideas and create business opportunities

October Business Month brings together Territorians from different businesses, industries and backgrounds. It’s a great opportunity to re-connect, meet and find new opportunities.


Learn from the best and apply new knowledge to your own business or job

With events ranging from innovation symposiums to bookkeeping, there are sure to be events that can benefit your business or career. Be strategic about what you attend, your time is precious too. To ensure you maximise your OBM attendance use the business or professional development templates.


Boost your value as an employee and increase your earning potential

If you aren’t a business owner, OBM is still beneficial to help you further develop your skills though accredited and non-accredited training. Dust off your resume, and ensure you update your LinkedIn profile so that people know who you are and what your top skills are. You can share your LinkedIn profile with other OBM attendees, so take the time to ensure it is up-to-date and relevant. Ask colleagues to endorse your skills or provide feedback on areas of improvement.

Make sure you connect with us before and during OBM. Follow us on Facebook, and LinkedIn, sign up for the newsletter, or contact us.

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