Dr Dan Pronk teaches tactics on resilience to the Territory

Co-author of The Resilience Shield, Dr Dan Pronk, has recently presented to audience in Darwin, Alice Springs and Katherine as part of 2023 October Business Month.

Having previously worked in the Northern Territory during his time in the Australian Army, Dan spoke fondly of his time at Robertson Barracks and of how the humidity of the tropics certainly played a hand on building his personal resilience.

Dan’s session taught techniques used by special operations soldiers to mitigate stress and build resilience. Dan took a deep dive into individual characteristics and the different layers that every person needs to build a stronger resilience .Dan’s workshops were a powerful example that each of us has the capacity to strengthen our mindset, through the importance of meditation and the power of breath work.

Dr Dan Pronk studied medicine on an army scholarship and served most of his career with Special Operations. He believes that no matter whether your stress comes from combat operations in Afghanistan, from your working life or home life, the ways in which stress impacts on us physically and psychologically are the same.

Dan was joined by local Territory success story speakers - Jacqueline and Peter Mabasa from Sparky Auto and Central Diesel in Alice Springs, Lizzie Wigg and Mick Hodgetts from Wigg Plumbing in Darwin and Linda Blackwood from Station Mechanical Solutions in Katherine, each are incredible Territorians with inspirational and unique stories of success.

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