Partner events are back in 2022

Partner events have made a comeback for OBM 2022, and with 48 event partners hosting over 120 events, there’s something for your business no matter what industry you are in!  

OBM partner events are independently hosted events that form part of the broader OBM program and are held right across the Territory. Local businesses are showcasing their skills, knowledge and experience to motivate other small business and employees to connect, learn and be inspired. 

The partner events will focus on this years’ 6 key themes - digital transformation, growth, human connection, leadership, workforce, strategy and planning. These events provide insights across a range of business development topics; from human resources to social media, from setting priorities to enabling infrastructure, from governance structures to podcasting. Plus the highly anticipated NAB Economic Outlook gives in-depth knowledge and insight on currency, markets, interest rates and trends.

2022 October Business Month program is full of inspirational speakers and events right across the Territory.

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