Shaynna Blaze gives Darwin audience inspiration

The Women in Business Lunch at Mindil Beach Casino Resort enjoyed a captivating presentation by award-winning designer and TV presenter Shaynna Blaze, who was the third keynote speaker for this year's October Business Month (OBM).

Shaynna's presentation focused on the importance of living your life by design, not by default and always backing yourself. Shaynna, who is an interior designer, writer, and television personality, began by sharing her journey of starting her business and the challenges she faced along the way. She emphasised the importance of having a clear vision for what you want to achieve in life and working towards it with dedication and commitment.  Shaynna's talk encouraged attendees to appreciate themselves, and follow their passion and stressed the significance of taking risks and not being afraid of failure.

She shared personal anecdotes of times when she had to take risks and how they eventually paid off, even when sometimes against all odds.

The audience of over 280 Territorians were encouraged to reflect on their own lives and to identify areas where they may be living by default rather than by design. Shaynna's talk was inspiring and thought provoking, leaving attendees with a renewed sense of motivation.

Joining Shaynna on the day was the incredible Susan O’Callahan, owner of Helmet Hair Studio and incredible Territory Success Story. Susan’s passion and commitment to her business, clients and staff enthralled the attendees and provided insight on how to build and navigate a successful business in an evolving working world. The event also provided a great opportunity for attendees to engage and hear stories and advice from like-minded people and develop new networks.

A special mention to Amari Home and Styling, who fitted out our beautiful event stage, to all our OBM sponsors and to Mindil Beach Casino Resort our venue sponsor, thank you for your support.

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