Todd Sampson wow’s Darwin audience

Todd Sampson, former national CEO of Leo Burnett Australia, kicked off October Business Month in Darwin and was the first keynote speaker for this year wowing the audience with his key learnings on brain science, mindfulness and the theory of mind over matter.

Todd talked about how to build your creativity and strengthen your brain power giving some incredible real life examples of how he has overcome some of his personal phobias by tapping into his brain and trusting science, or as he explained - proving the method to his madness.

Todd showed some breathtaking footage of the physical and mental challenges he has completed over the years on his successful TV programs Body Hack and Redesign my brain.

Todd used his own real-life scientific experiments, such as a blind rock climb on a rock peak in Arizona, a Houdini escape while chained underwater (even though he cannot swim) and a sky walk tightrope between buildings to prove the power of the mind and its ability to handle and overcome fear in highly stressful circumstances. Todd is the writer, host and human guinea pig of the award-winning Discovery Science series called Redesign My Brain. He took the audience on an extraordinary scientific journey, providing practical tools, strategies and techniques to improve their brain. Todd believes we are all capable of more than we realise and modern science is showing us how.

Accompanying Todd was Territory success story Airnorth, who have succeeded in becoming the second longest-standing airline in Australia with a tremendous reputation for good service because it delivers what the customer wants.

Airnorth has expanded and added innovative technology in a steady, sustainable way. “As the Territory grows, we grow.”

“And that’s what we’ve always done - served Territorians. Nearly all our staff are locals. We are a big part of the community and support community causes,” says chief executive Daniel Bowden.

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