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Jamie Kokles-Ridgway

Portrait shot of Jamie Kokles-Ridgway

Ever since she can remember, the ocean has been Jamie Ridgway’s happy place, so it was no surprise when this natural affinity with the water gave life to a career in water safety.

“I’ve always had a love, passion and appreciation for the ocean and the pool recreates that feeling for me,” Jamie said.

Driven by a longing to teach young children to swim and prevent childhood drownings, Jamie started Travelling Tadpole Swim School in 2015 and began providing mobile water safety instruction to remote communities.

“When I first started Travelling Tadpole, October Business Month was an incredible resource and learning tool. Everything about running a business was completely new to me. I learnt about finances, tax, setting up business structures, advertising etc.”

“Small businesses are hard to get off the ground, and even harder to keep in the air. This access to professionals was a big advantage for my business in getting through those early tough periods.”