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John Mackenzie

John Mackenzie sitting at his desk

Lively entrepreneur John Mackenzie brings infectious energy and zeal to whatever business or industry he lends his hand to.

Juggling so many ideas and priorities can be difficult but John finds balance by surrounding himself with good people and simply loving what he does.

“You have to love what you do and be passionate about it. I have some really good people around me and we have been very fortunate.”

John believes an eagerness to continually learn, together with a willingness to fail are key drivers for success.

John credits the Territory’s tight-knit business environment for his success in establishing a number of innovative start-up companies, believing the Northern Territory is the best place in Australia to do so.

“The thing I love about the Territory is its proximity to decision makers such as parliament members and business owners,” John said. “I would never have come up with these ideas if it wasn’t for the market place here, the region and the location.”