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The Karen Sheldon Group

Karen Sheldon

Group shot of Karen Sheldon and her staff

Karen Sheldon embodies the pioneering spirit and resilience of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs.

She is kind, patient and exceptionally humble but her determination to succeed and improve the lives of Aboriginal people is gritty and resolute. Her single-mindedness to close the gap, while building a thriving business empire, has elevated Karen to local royalty status.

“The drive behind all my business ventures, from catering, to training, to employment services, starts with giving back to the people who first welcomed me to their country,” she reflects.

“Being able to use my career and life experiences to provide practical solutions to help people is what is most important to me”.

“I have always loved October Business Month. The Karen Sheldon Group is involved in many ways, from catering to the huge range of events hosted every year, to hosting our own business development workshops. October Business Month is so important to the Territory as it gives professionals the opportunity to share in the vast knowledge of our business community and reignite passion for professional development.”