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Cairns Industries

Kym and Shaun Cairns

Kym and Shaun Cairns in their office

Kym and Shaun Cairns credit strong relationships for underpinning the success of their remote building and civil construction business. 

“People are the heart of our business and we have always put loyalty and relationships first,” Kym says. “Our networks are what have got us through the good times and also guided us through our biggest challenges.”

Cairns Industries was recently nominated for a federal entrepreneurial business grant to help Kym and Shaun achieve their goal of elevating the company up a tier status, opening up a new world of opportunities.

The pair say the key to their growth and future success is the same as what makes the business tick today. 

Kym considers October Business Month an invaluable source of networking and professional learning. “Attending these events over the years has helped nurture our business relationships and connect with the right people. It’s great to hear stories of how people have overcome adversities and been able to recover from tough times”.