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Sean Soole

Portrait shot of Sean Soole

Sean Soole’s mission is to empower leaders to create positive change in their lives, achieve their version of success and leave a legacy that goes beyond money.

Sean’s journey into mentorship started like many business owners - with a strong, scrappy entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to achieve something great. As a young man, Sean already had the motivation to succeed and created his first business in his early teens. Since then he has committed to numerous business ventures, many business partners and built a textbook-size list of failures and successes that he believes has provided him with the greatest opportunity for growth and success.

On his journey, Sean discovered that his true passion was not in the growth of a particular product or service, but of the people behind it. His experiences ignited a passion for helping the individual define their version of success, which for Sean is having the freedom to choose whilst creating a positive impact on those around him.

Sean does not subscribe to the belief that you have to hustle 24/7 to achieve success. He does however advocate for the need to take responsibility and drive your success to achieve real results. This philosophy has guided Sean to deliver a genuine alternative to the hype in business mentorship. Through his programs, education and connection with business owners, Sean strives to deliver meaningful change that enables tangible results in business and in life.

After more than a decade of mentoring, Sean has mastered a proven framework to help mitigate risks, overcome challenges and achieve desired outcomes. His approach has changed the mindset of thousands of business leaders, turning pain points into opportunities and enabling them to create the success they seek, live abundantly and have more freedom than they ever thought possible.

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