Darren Lynch

00Seven Adventures, The Precinct, Wharf One food & wine and Bella Fresh Pasta

You can hear Darren’s story at the TIO Resilience in Business Breakfast with Dan Pronk in Darwin on Thursday 13 October 2022.

One of the Northern Territory’s leading hospitality and tourism entrepreneurs started a new business smack in the middle of the COVID pandemic.

Darren Lynch, best known for owning the Wharf One restaurant and Precinct Tavern at the Waterfront, launched Darwin’s first Jet Ski business with the eye-catching name of 00Seven Adventures
“We were planning to start before the pandemic and decided to go ahead even after it began.”

Mr Lynch says the Territory Government’s COVID tourist voucher scheme helped get the Jet Ski operation established.

“We believed local people would love an adventure like this. Our local support underpins the business sustainability, although now we’re starting to get some interstate tourists back.”

“We get a lot of repeat local customers.”

Mr Lynch first went into business by buying into the Melanka backpackers’ lodge in Alice Springs and then started the tour business, Adventure Tours Australia, with friends. He sold both between 2006 and 2009 and moved to Darwin to open Wharf One Food & Wine and the Precinct Tavern.

“Hospitality and tourism are tough industries. Our first 10 years at the Waterfront has had their challenges, but we’re in a good spot now.”

“To succeed you have to be focused, motivated and motivate others.”

“And you have to set high standards, whether in food, beverage or tourism, and then ensure your teams maintain those standards.”