Lizzie Wigg and Mick Hodgetts

Wigg Plumbing

Lizzie Wigg and Mick Hodgetts

Lizzie Wigg and her husband Mick Hodgetts were determined not to lose the vast knowledge built up by Lizzie’s father Graeme over a lifetime in the trade when they bought Darwin-based Wigg Plumbing from him in 2017.

“We have maintained a relationship with Dad, which allows us to call on him for advice when needed. The biggest achievement we believe has been the ability to transfer his knowledge to us and our leadership team. A lot of knowledge and wisdom trapped in our parents’ generation can often be lost during a succession plan.”

Lizzie and Mick are determined to maintain the company’s high standards and good reputation as a business that delivers compliant and excellent work.

Wigg Plumbing offers a wide range of services, including the installation of wastewater systems and solar hot water, fixing water leaks, and home and commercial plumbing maintenance.