Pearl Randhay

The Locals café and Bo Jangles Saloon & Restaurant

You can hear Pearl’s story at the Women in Business Lunch in Alice Springs, featuring Ita Buttrose AC, OBE live from Darwin, on Thursday 20 October 2022.

Every business owner knows that hospitality is one of the toughest industries, but Pearl Randhay is undaunted by the challenge. She owns the successful Locals restaurant bar-cafe in Alice Springs and is reopening the town’s legendary Bojangles nightclub.

Pearl opened Locals in April 2018. Her husband Rupinder is a chef and she had worked in hospitality, so she knew the joys and challenges of the trade. They bought the business from a long-term operator.
Buying Bojangles was different.

“It was about the history and character of the place – the stories, memories and the community spirit that the pub represents. I hope to make it a success”

Pearl, who emigrated to Australia from India in 2013, says success is achieved through hard work and consistency.

“I don’t believe I have succeeded yet; I think the journey has just started and it’s a long road to success.”