Peejay and Jackie Mabasa

AutoSparky and Central Diesel Services

Peejay and Jackie Mabasa

Peejay and Jackie Mabasa know that a successful business is much more than simple bricks and mortar.

It’s also about recruiting a loyal, hardworking, talented team and building a reputation for the highest quality work.

The couple own AutoSparky and Central Diesel Services in Alice Springs. They took over AutoSparky, first in service and later in parts, in 2012 in a small workshop in the centre of the town.

When it became obvious the business was bursting at the seams they relocated to a much bigger and more modern workspace on the outskirts of Alice where they are still at capacity some days.

They have a team of 11 at Auto Sparky and 10 at Central Diesel Services. Each business has qualified technicians and, as big believers in growing the future generation, have a team of apprentices and school-based apprentices at each site.

Both say, “Success in business is all about connection - if you have great connections with people you are going to always move in the right direction.”